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How police nearly killed me at Oyo protest –Bricklayer


A 20-year-old bricklayer, Waheed Oyewumi, in this interview with OLUFEMI OLANIYI, speaks on his near-death experience at the hands of police officers shooting at #EndSars protesters in Oyo State on Sunday

What is your name and how old are you?

My name is Waheed Oyewumi. I am 20 years old.

What work do you do?

I am a bricklayer.

What happened to your shoulder?

I was shot by the police.

How did it happen?

My friends and I went to see what was happening but we were not close to the scene of the crisis. We were somewhere close so that we could see what was happening but we were not at the scene. As we were there playing with my friends, I heard a gunshot and I realised the bullet hit my hand.

Were you part of the protest?

No, I wasn’t. I even went to work on Saturday when the protest happened and some persons were shot. But on Sunday, I didn’t go to work, so I went close to the place to see what was happening.

The doctors said I was lucky because the bullet hit me from a distance. They said I might have died if I was shot at closer range. That is to further tell you that I was not there and I was not part of the protest.

What again did the doctor tell you?

After the X-ray, I was told the bullet had broken the bone.

But did they tell you the broken bone would heal?

Yes, they did. After extracting the bullet, they said I would undergo another surgery.

Who is paying your bills?

My mummy is the one paying.

What work does she do?

She is a trader. My mother is a widow and she told me that my father died while I was one month old. Since that time, she has been the only one taking care of us. She has been borrowing money to pay the bills. I just heard her asking my sister to go and sell all the goats she is raising to settle some bills and to buy the new drugs I was asked to buy.

I want to appeal to our governor (Seyi Makinde) and other people to help us. Those of us here have not seen the governor. I am not sure he is aware that some of us are here.



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