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Make Una Leave Me Go Hustle Abeg” – Ifu Ennada Blasts Broke Guys


Ifu Ennada, remember her? Former house mate of the BBnaija, 2019 edition.Yeah! So she took to social media to advice the broke guys who slide into her DM on Instagram.

She advised them to quit sending her unsolicited messages on Instagram but instead channel the energy into leaving their broke state.She wrote:“I wish broke boys will channel the energy they use to flood my DM with unsolicited messages into getting out of their broke state. I don’t mean to be disrespectful but you can’t be broke and still have time/energy to chase a woman, especially a woman that is trying for herself.”

Your priority should be you. How do you even have peace of mind when you’re broke? Wait, why do poor people have many kids? Too many questions. Make una leave me go hustle abeg. God remember una”.

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